M14E2 M14A1 USGI Wood Stock, Birch E2
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An amazing find!  Birch unissued M14E2 stock straight from the box.  These shipped to the arsenal in 1969, and sat unopened in a warehouse until now.  The pictures are representative (there are several here).  The standard stocks are not fancy grain. These stocks have been stained but appear to have no finish over the stain. Very dry. No circle P or DAS, unissued.

No hardware is included except the front ferrule, stock liner and the mounting hardware kit for the front grip. 

There is an option to finish the stock with a correct pure tung oil finish.

Or you can have us finish the stock out with a tung oil finish, a TreelineM14 front rail mount and a TreelineM14 new style butt pad. Drop in your M14/M1A action and take her to the range!

Last bunch is on the website!  When this product shows "Out of Stock", it's gone forever.



  • Circle P: None
  • Color: Stained birch
  • Ding level: New
  • Ferrule punch: Dimple
  • Grain: Straight
  • Manufacturer: Sykes
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

M14E2 M14A1 USGI Wood Stock, Birch E2

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