M14 M1A CRT-14 Carbon Removal Tool
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The CRT-14 is the first tool in the industry to address complete carbon removal from the gas system of M-14 / M1A platform rifles. Previously the only options available to M-14 operators were drill bits, which can easily alter the dimensions of the gas system components. The CRT-14 is a professional tool specifically designed to remove the carbon from the very difficult-to-clean cavities of the M-14 / M1A gas system. The assurance of the dead-stop reamer design will prevent damage during cleaning.

The CRT-14 is made up of 2 parts. The flat wrench has a hex that fits the gas system plug, and the other-side has a circle with a flat to match the rear of the gas piston. This allows the user to effectively rotate the CRT-14 dead-stop reamers inside the deep cavities of the gas piston to ensure complete carbon removal. The CRT-14 has 3 specific dead-stop reamer ends to clean the two cavities of the gas piston and the gas system cross-hole, and the gas system plug. 


  • Reamer-style ends removes carbon from gas piston, gas cross-hole, and gas system plug
  • Proper carbon removal ensures proper gas system operation
  • Easily fits in field cleaning kits
  • Lightweight compact design fits in pocket
  • All steel precision manufactured
  • Clear zinc plated for severe outdoor corrosion resistance
  • Hardened for long lasting quality
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures proper gas system operation
  • Save time with a tool specifically designed to remove carbon from problem areas of M-14 platform gas system parts
  • Compact, lightweight, and field ready
  • Fewer tools to carry/transport

M14 M1A CRT-14 Carbon Removal Tool

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