M14 M1A Sadlak NM Spring Guide
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Sadlak's National Match Spring Guide improves the consistency and smooth motion of the operating rod which help reduce wear and increase rifle accuracy over the standard stamped GI guide.  Sadlak's NM Spring Guides are NOT made from a cut-off stamped GI guide welded to a round drill rod.  These make-shift NM GI guides often have a soft magazine catch caused by the welding and may not be precisely aligned because of poor fixturing.

Sadlak's NM spring guides are produced to the same  specifications as the military’s national match rifles.  The precision is enhanced by making them from one-solid piece of round 8620 tool steel with no welding to cause distortion.  Each is case hardened to  40-45 HRc in an inert gas furnace to help maintain straightness and uniform hardness for  long service. They are finished with a corrosive resistant Mil. Spec. manganese phosphate (aka Parkerized). What makes Sadlak's NM Spring Guides unique and more  accurate is our precision alignment of the magazine catch  to the guide shaft. This is achieved by turning the .344 diameter shaft from a larger diameter solid rod.   The magazine catch is then precision CNC machined while being located from the guide shaft.  Four flats are milled into .344 shaft body to reduce weight and friction between the spring which adds to the smooth action while precisely guiding the operating rod.

M14 M1A Sadlak NM Spring Guide

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