M14 M1A USGI Solid Handguard Excellent, Black

Excellent condition USGI solid handguard in black (original finish). There were a few solid handguards manufactured with a black (actually VERY dark brown) original finish during the M14 production run in the early 1960's, apparently by over-coloring the batch with the standard pigment.  Rare as heck, an oddity because the blueprint specifies a brown color.

Excellent condition means that there are no significant cracks or chips and the finish is in excellent condition. There may be a slight finish rub or two. Really nice ones (like these) are getting hard to find.

Note that the finish on USGI handguards is a hard polymer that cracks easily when the underlying fiberglass structure of the handguard flexes - these hairline cracks are not "significant".  Likewise, chipping on the front handguard lip that goes under the front band does not show when the handguard is installed, and is also not "significant".  Excellent is not perfect.

Yes, they are expensive.


M14 M1A USGI Solid Handguard Excellent, Black

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