M14 M1A USGI Super Match NM Stock, NOS
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Genuine unissued wood USGI NM stock, straight from the wrapper.  These were made by Fajen in the early 80's for US military competition rifle teams, sold to Uncle Sam and never issued.  Made of beech, inletted for rear lug receivers (regular receivers will also work) and made to be bedded only, no provision for a stock liner.

The stock in the picture has been stained medium walnut and finished with pure Tung Oil.  It is an example fof what the stocks can look like with a little work. . The stock you will receive is unfinished and in the original plastic wrapper straight from the 1980's.

I bought waaay too many of these a few years ago and am now closing them out. 

These are not a drop-in fit!  You MUST bed your receiver!

If you've priced a McMillan Super Match stock, you know that these are a bargain...


  • Circle P: None
  • Color: Stained birch
  • Ding level: New
  • Ferrule punch: Dimple
  • Grain: Straight
  • Manufacturer: Sykes

M14 M1A USGI Super Match NM Stock, NOS

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