M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Birch Big Red Excellent Plus
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An original M14 birch "Big Red" wood stock.  These are a late production modified design of the original M14 wood stock.  The pistol grip/wrist area and receiver/mag cutout were thickened to increase durability.  Many shooters appreciate the larger pistol grip for better control and the additional wood around the receiver cutout that makes bedding the receiver easier. As these were primarily issued as replacement stocks, they do not have proof marks.

Excellent Plus - looks like a well maintained, issued stock. Dings, wear and scratches are lighter than Excellent condition, and the finish is in really good shape.  Metal shows some wear, but not excessive.  This is the grade you won't feel embarassed to put on a newer rifle. Plan on wiping it down with some mineral spirits and think about putting on a coat of tung oil. Think of these as the hand select version of Excellent.

If you're a stock refinisher, the process will be a lot faster than with a VG/VG+ as the dings and scratches will be fewer and shallower. Straight (not fancy) grain.

Comes wth a complete metal kit attached.  The buttplate is in very good condition.  There is an upgrade option available for an excellent condition buttplate.

M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Birch Big Red Excellent Plus

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