M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Tiger Birch 75%+, As New
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 USGI M14 birch stock, with DoD and Circle P stamps, 75%+ fancy grain. You really do need to plan on refinishing these, as the dense USGI stain usually obscures the best of the tiger effect. Done right, these are stunning.

I kind of dislike the term "As New" when we're referring to items that are over 50 years old, but here goes-

As New (Fred's "As New") - looks like a newly issued stock, with added handling marks.  These were most likely off of newly manufactured rifles that were either shipped directly to storage or issued briefly before they were called in and eventually shipped to the de-mil arsenal.  They went through the de-mil process, were tossed into shipping contaners and eventually sold to Fred's, stored for 20 more years, changed warehouses, then were shipped to TreelineM14.  In other words, they may have been perfect in 1963, but they picked up some mileage in the meantime.  Probably will have a couple of light dings and always some rubs in the finish. Metal is excellent, nearly perfect. Clean them up with mineral spirits, steam any of the small dings or scratches, and think about a coat of tung oil to renew the dried out finish.  They should look pretty much new when you're done. They come with an Excellent Plus (looks new) original finish buttplate.

No choices on manufacturer here - it's tough enough to find fancy stocks without the added complexity of manufacturer selection...

M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Tiger Birch 75%+, As New

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