M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Tiger Birch 75%+, Excellent
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M14 USGI birch stock, may or may not have DoD and Circle P stamps, 90%+ fancy grain. These are selected for grain pattern, not unrefinished appearance. You really do need to plan on refinishing these, as the dense USGI stain usually obscures the best of the tiger effect. Done right, these are stunning.

Excellent - looks like a well maintained, issued stock. Dings, wear and scratches are light, finish is in good shape.  Metal shows some wear, but not excessive.  This is the grade you won't feel embarassed to put on a newer rifle. Plan on wiping it down with some mineral spirits and think about putting on a coat of tung oil, if you don't do a full refinish.  If you're a stock refinisher, the process will be a lot faster than with a VG/VG+ as the dings and scratches will be fewer and shallower.

Comes wth a complete metal kit attached.  The buttplate is in excellent condition.

No choices on manufacturer here - it's tough enough to find fancy stocks without the added complexity of manufacturer selection...

M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Tiger Birch 75%+, Excellent

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